Greater Manchester Sports Hall League

25 October 2015

The first of 3 league matches.  Well done everybody!


Full results for the Boys can be found here.


Full results for the Girls can be found here.



Under 13 Girls


Erin Fox

2 Lap Race: 4th in heat, 24.4s

Speed Bounce:  68 in 30s, 6th A

Standing Long Jump:  1.62m, 11th A


Amy Hallett

6 Lap Race:  6th in heat, 87.6s

Vertical Jump:  37cm, 8th A

Speed Bounce:  57 in 30s, 7th B


Heather Price

4 Lap Race:  6th in heat, 53.9s

Vertical Jump:  35cm, 7th B

Standing Long Jump: 1.45m, 8th B


Lauren Stewart

6 Lap Race:  6th in heat, 87.5s

Speed Bounce:  51 in 30s

Vertical Jump:  32cm



Under 15 Girl


Sarah Hallett

6 Lap Race:  3rd Place, 85.6s

Speed Bounce:  60 in 30s, 7th Place

Vertical Jump:  47cm, 4th A



Under 15 Boy


Connor McHugh

Vertical Jump:  47cm, 3rd Place

Standing Long Jump:  1.92m, 5th Place

Shot Putt:  8.42m, 2nd Place